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    It’s time now to concentrate here on my own website. Ever since the EU referendum was called, the members and volunteers of Torbay UKIP have concentrated all our combined efforts into developing our UKIP local website: a job that was most definitely worth it, as Torbay topped the list of south west eurosceptic boroughs with 63 per cent of the electorate here voting to leave the EU.

    It’s also all change at the top of three biggest UK political parties, with the Tories achieving a seemingly bloodless change as May took over as PM (all the blood was shed behind closed doors). Labour’s struggles go on and on, with a split in the party increasingly likely. My politics are not the same as his – although there are things we certainly agree on – but Corbyn has the support of the vast majority of party members, and, rather like a football club’s fans, it’s the members who keep a party going.

    For our own party, the latest load of laundry being washed in public over the leadership election is regrettable. For what it’s worth, here is my opinion on it all. If someone forgets to declare a conviction, doesn’t keep his membership up to date, or submits papers late then it shows an unfortunate lack of attention to detail. If someone chooses not to take part in an official hustings, that is disappointing, too. To my mind, it demonstrates many things, including perhaps a concern that a candidate might not stack up so well against fellow candidates, but mostly, I believe, it shows a lack of willingness to work with other party members.

    For this reason, and because I believe I can only make a decision based on candidates who have ‘faced off’ in open competition against each other, I am supporting Lisa Duffy for leadership of UKIP.

    Ms Duffy has some impressive supporters from among the party: Paul Nuttall, who I most definitely would have voted for, should he have stood; Suzanne Evans, Patrick O’Flynn, Gerard Batten, Louise Bours, to name just a few. Ms Duffy spoke impressively at the Torquay hustings held last week at the Riviera International Conference Centre; she has been a member of UKIP for 20 years or longer, so has put in a huge amount of time for the party; she has experience of how to win in first past the post elections; and, importantly for me, said that should she be elected, that instant she would be on the prime minister’s back to implement Brexit.

    The Torquay hustings last week was a good quality hustings, with all candidates there playing their part. We were told that it was one of the most well-attended hustings so far on the tour.

    Whoever takes over as leader is going to have an extremely hard act to follow. Nigel Farage may be ‘marmite’ to many outside the party – though all politicians are by the very nature of being a politician! - but there is plenty of evidence that his ‘man of the people’ appeal reached well beyond the UKIP membership, evidenced not least by the result of the EU referendum. Farage has trod an extremely careful path over the past decade or so, appealing not only to disillusioned Conservative voters, but also to grass roots Labour voters who feel let down and discarded by their own party.

    Forthcoming: my views on tackling the increasing crime levels in our Bay.



Julien Parrott, UKIP

Councillor for Ellacombe Ward, 2007 to date
Executive Lead for Adults and Children
Torbay Borough Council Unitary Authority

julien campaign

11 November 2017

A brief update ...

I realise that I keep apologising for not maintaining this website! I really hope that I will be able to do something with it in the near future, but I know that my fellow Ellacombe residents understand that my priority is with my ward work and with my work for children and adults across the Bay as Executive Lead councillor.

In the meantime, an update for my fellow Ellacombe residents: please note that my contact details have changed. If you want to discuss a local issue with me, please see below for my new contact arrangements.

Email me:

Write to me:
Cllr Julien Parrott, Torbay Council, Town Hall, Torquay TQ1 3DR

Telephone me:
01803 389624 (Mon-Fri, daytime)

Come and see me:
I am also generally available each Monday between 12 noon and 1pm at the Office of William Dartmouth MEP, at 49 Market Street, Torquay TQ1 3AW

Julien in Regalia

During the Civic Year

2013-2014, I had the honour of being elected Chairman of Torbay Council.

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