• Online ’untruths’

    Following a debate with a local resident , my wife Sue had cause to visit the Council’s website to look at the figures for past local elections.

    Her search was to demonstrate that, since I was elected in 2007, in the two subsequent elections I had topped the poll: the local resident was under the impression I had only ‘come first’ in the 2015 election. Sue knew otherwise. She was horrified to see that the figures for the 2011 local elections in Ellacombe were wrong, relegating me to second place!

    Obviously, a quick call to Governance Support can rectify this, but had she or I not looked, this error would have remained, effectively ‘changing history’.

    The 2011 local election was particularly significant for me. If you recall, I had been approached in late 2009 to stand as an emergency candidate for UKIP (the long-standing candidate having had to withdraw through illness). So when the local elections came around, I had to make a decision whether to continue to stand as an independent or to stand for UKIP.Of course – as I always do – I took soundings from Ellacombe people whose opinions I trust. My concern was not to deceive Ellacombe: my view was that I was a member of a party, and I did not think that I should continue as an independent; if I had felt strongly enough to join a party in the first place, I should have the backbone to stand for it.

    Luckily, those I took soundings from agreed with me. And luckily, so did the voters of Ellacombe. That was a real red-letter day for UKIP: while we had quite a few councillors at town council level, there were then precious few at top level authorities, so to be elected as a UKIP representative to a unitary authority was an achievement of which I was immensely proud. And to top the poll was even more rewarding.

    It wouldn’t be a decision I have to think about now: the UKIP party constitution (like, I believe, the Tories’) states that a party member may not stand as an independent.

    This got me thinking, though. Many people put up deliberate lies on the internet which, if not corrected, over time become ‘truths’. While this was probably just an oversight, many untrue ‘truths’ out there are intentional. The lazy way a newspaper reports an event which makes it appear that what actually happened didn’t; people taking snatches of speeches entirely out of context; and – my personal favourite for this, although I tend not to participate any longer – social media sites where Chinese whispers flourish, generally all entirely wrong.

    In fact, I read yesterday about the correlation between social media sites and widespread mental illness among our young people, young women in particular. I would go further: the poison and lies spread by these social media sites, and the one-sided view of life that appears on their web pages, must take a great deal of responsibility for the nasty society in which we currently find ourselves. One where things like ‘poverty-shaming’, ‘fat-shaming’ and general spreading of bile and poison against fellow humans is the norm.

    I like to think we’re not like that in Ellacombe. Despite Ellacombe’s almost constant appearance on lists of most deprived wards, high turnover of residents and so on and so forth, that’s not the Ellacombe I know.

    The Ellacombe I know is one of celebration over a newborn, of support and encouragement for a neighbour, of helping out and looking out for others, of open doors and open minds, of courage and determination in the face of adversity, of genuine care and consideration of others.

    And no amount of mistakes genuinely made, or lies deliberately told, on the internet will make me see Ellacombe any different.

    PS: Don’t worry, my thoughts on crime are definitely coming!



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11 November 2017

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