• Happy Days as crime spirals across the Bay?

    In announcing his force’s most recent crime statistics for South Devon, published in July, Deputy Chief Constable for Devon and Cornwall Bill Skelley was quoted in a local paper as saying: “These are figures that we are proud of.”

    So what were those figures? Well, they included the following:

    • Rape - up 4.1% (202)

    • Other sexual offences - down 8.3% (353)

    • Violence with injury - up 4.9% (2289)

    • Violence without injury (fighting) - up 14.9%

    • Homicide - up 200% (6)

    • Possession of offensive weapons - up 35.3% (115)

    Not much to be proud of there, I would suggest. But taken in conjunction with rises recorded in the previous year (2014-15), I would say that they are figures of which the police should be ashamed. For that year, they were:

    • Rape – up 42.2% (192)

    • Other sexual offences – up 36.1% (373)

    • Violence with injury – down 6% (2128)

    • Violence without injury (fighting) up 11.4% (2285)

    • Homicide – down 66.7% (2)

    • Possession of weapons –down 3.1% (93)

    Now, I am sure that Deputy Chief Constable Bill Skelley is a hard-working and decent chap doing his best for our community. So how can his conclusion have been so utterly mistaken or misguided? How can a year on year upward trend in rape be something of which to be proud? How can an increase of over 35% in numbers of people carrying offensive weapons be anything other than an indication that the South West is turning into something akin to Dodge City before Wyatt Earp arrived?

    The 'Dodge City Peace Commission'. Wyatt Earp sits, second from left.

    I believe that the reasons include the fact that the police are starting to believe the special pleading of their own union, The Police Federation of England and Wales, that police officers are drowning because of the austerity cuts and paperwork. Seen in this light, perhaps it is just possible to see anything short of a total meltdown in law and order as some kind of success.

    Across the public sector, everyone is suffering because of the cuts. But I believe there are reasons why the police are not policing better. They include: too much time spent on pandering to ‘needs’ of perpetrators; too much time spent on victim support when the best support would be to catch and punish the perpetrators (victim support should be carried out by a volunteer organisation much better suited than the police to deal with it); and too much money spent on unnecessary support staff, such as the vast public relations machine that made DCC Skelley look so thoughtless with that quote.

    The effects of police failures are there for all to see in our communities. The sense of injustice among residents is growing daily, if my postbag is anything to go by.

    Over the next month, I have to respond to a consultation on policing priorities at the request of the Police and Crime Commissioner, and I have a meeting with our new Superintendent of Police for the Bay, Supt Jacqui Hawley. Please be assured that I will be pulling no punches in either case.

    Incidentally, if you think the above quoted figures are worrying, consider this: by far the largest number of offences recorded in those figures involve crimes against women and girls. How this has come to be accepted with worrying silence will be the subject of my next and in-depth article….

    Note: All crime statistics taken from the Devon and Cornwall Police website



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