• O&S Call-In on Cary Green

    Monday’s Overview & Scrutiny Board meeting was held for the ‘call-in’ on the mayor’s decision about Cary Green (not to grant a covenant to protect Cary Green from being turned into an exclusive car park for residents of a proposed harbourside development).

    A quick note on call-ins, as I’ve been asked to explain the process quite often over the past week or so: a call-in can be demanded by any councillor following a decision by the mayor. That councillor has to obtain a seconder to his/her call-in proposal, with at least three co-signatories from other councillors.

    It must then be submitted to the O&S officer within ten days of the mayor’s decision; following this a special meeting of Overview & Scrutiny is held to discuss the call in, with the objective of providing further examination of the mayor’s decision.

    There are three possible outcomes:

    1. The O&S board recommends no further action be taken; the members are satisfied that the mayor’s decision is the right one

    2. The mayor be asked to reconsider his decision based on the written evidence produced for the call-in

    3. In exceptional circumstances, the board can refer the matter back to full council for further discussion

    In the event, at this meeting, the outcome was option 1. Three councillors voted for no further action on the mayor’s decision: Cllrs Thomas, Tyreman and Bent. Three councillors voted against that: Cllrs Parrott, Darling and Pountney. As chairman, Cllr Thomas got a casting vote and voted with his previous vote, so there will be no further action on the mayor’s decision not to grant a covenant on Cary Green.

    A number of people have asked me for the text of my statement, so here it is:

    As promoter of this call-in, I thought long and hard before acting. The choice I had was between leaving the mayor to stew in the juice of an elector backlash in Torquay because of his outrageous decision not to grant a covenant for Carey Green to the residents who do not want to see a precious open space turned into a millionaire's car park, or to forgo political advantage and show proper support to the petitioners and the people of my ward in Ellacombe who are to a man, and woman, angry about this decision.

    Mr Chairman, I chose the latter course.

    I do not wish to cynically exploit the political climate of mistrust that the mayor has created on the eve of the elections, but rather, I want to show that democracy can work if the people's representatives are true to their pledge. The fact that, as a consequence of this call-in, the mayor will have the opportunity to reverse his decision and, perhaps, repair some of the damage he has inflicted on his own party so close to the election is incidental, but something I strongly suggest he grasps.

    My fellow signatories will discuss other issues surrounding this call-in but I will concentrate for the remainder of my time on just two matters:

    Firstly, the fact that this call-in is being held at 10.30am when so many people who have a major interest in these proceedings are working or looking for work is, in my view, pretty disgraceful. The pitiful excuse given, that the mayor has to attend a Harbours Committee this evening simply does not wash. He has a deputy who could attend Harbours, that is what deputies are for, Mr Mayor. But, of course, holding the call-in now, when, for example, Councillor Cowell is unable to attend because of work commitments, is a parting insult to democracy from an administration that has been distinctive for its secrecy and policy dictat.

    Secondly, the shoddy way that the petitioners have been treated by the mayor and his lieutenants beggars belief even by recent standards. The motion to ignore the petition at full council - which was of course roundly defeated by councillors - was proposed and seconded by the very councillors (Mills and Pritchard) who whined on and on about the necessity of a covenant at Churston Golf Club to apparently protect the property values of a few well-off householders, in spite of the needs of the local plan and the concerns of many other Churston residents.

    But of course, that decision was all about localism. The decision about a much-loved open space in Torquay apparently is not. What a very convenient concept localism seems to be when in the hands of this Conservative mayor: on the one hand, he can treat the good people of Churston as aristocratic house guests while, on the other, he can treat the good people of Torquay as peasants at the gate.

    Well Mr Mayor, today is your opportunity to demonstrate to all these residents that localism is meaningful by reversing your decision not to grant a covenant to protect Carey Green or to underline further the political opportunism that many feel has become the defining characteristic of your administration.



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11 November 2017

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