• Your checklist of my mayoral pledges

    Long post alert!

    I thought it might be useful to have all my promises and pledges in a single list so here is a bullet point list of promises and pledges made in my personal manifesto Blueprint for a Better Bay. This manifesto, for my campaign as directly-elected mayor of Torbay was first published in January of this year. It isn’t full of wild generalisations or party slogans, it’s not just a wish list of what could be or possibly be, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all party political outpouring; it isn’t a party document at all. It’s a personal document, a carefully thought-through plan of actual detail on how I would approach the job.

    I know my reputation is based on straight-talking, honesty and integrity (more about that in a later post this week), so I’m willing to come out and say how many copies of Blueprint have been read online (on this site and the Torbay UKIP site) since it was launched: 10,357 as at 9am this morning. Now, I can’t say how many of those have been downloaded and shared, or how many of them were political opponents in the Bay having a read, but working on the print media’s assertion that between 2.5 and 3.3 people read each issue of their newspapers, then – taken together with the 275 hard copies that have been requested since the start of the campaign ‘proper’ – that’s a possible readership of in excess of 35,000 for Blueprint.

    This, of course, is in addition to the launch copies that I sent out in January.

    Feedback has been tremendous, ranging from “This isn’t at all what I expected to read from a UKIP candidate” to “I can’t believe most of this hasn’t been implemented already: it all seems such a common-sense approach”.

    Before I was elected as a councillor, back in 2007, I published a charter and challenged residents to hold me to it. That charter still stands, and I still stand by its content, eight years later. Blueprint is exactly the same: these bullet points represent my charter as your mayor. Hold me to them.

    • I will prepare a ‘people’s protocol’ whereby a clear and agreed set of steps for each public consultation will be established, following a well-defined pattern. For example, no consultations over the Christmas period, and the summer holiday period will be taken into account.

    • I will spend time, not just visiting, but working in all three towns. In this way, I can really get to know the people as well as the issues that affect their every-day lives. I will be a hands-on full-time ambassador for all three towns – not just one.

    • In line with UKIP’s determination to hold face-to-face conversations with as many people as possible, I will provide support for communities by attending public meetings in all of the 15 wards in the Bay. Issues change rapidly in people’s lives; I will be listening, and I will be seen to be listening.

    • I will seek regular meetings with the Bay’s MPs (whatever their political party) to strengthen further understanding of the needs of residents and businesses, and co-ordinate our efforts on their behalf.

    • I will use all the talents of elected councillors to best effect in representing the needs of the residents and businesses of our Bay. Councillors should be a vital source of sound advice about community needs, and I will make use of that resource.

    • I will establish a mayor’s ‘think tank’ advisory group to provide an independent take on the Bay’s progress. There are many different groups within our Bay, sometimes disparate, sometimes opaque. I would seek to draw together the best from each of these - including business, representative, charity, secular, parents, young people – to form not just another talking shop, but a grouping that can genuinely provide direction and honest and straightforward comment about Torbay, its issues and problems.

    • I will make decisions at cabinet meetings, which will be held in public at a time when most people, including those who work full-time, are able to attend, ie: early in the evening.

    • I will encourage a strong Overview and Scrutiny Board to assist the overview of policy development and test mayoral decisions and their subsequent effectiveness. Where past mayors have viewed Overview & Scrutiny as a hurdle to overcome, I see it as a vital aid to sound policy creation and evaluation of decisions post implementation.

    • I will publish the register of major risks that the council faces in going about its duties. This will enable everyone see that the council is clearly on top of the threats to ongoing public support.

    • I will hold regular monthly briefings, not just for the media, but to include major players and shakers/movers throughout the Bay, depending on the issues of the day.

    • I will ramp-up my campaign, already begun as a councillor, to ensure better focus on providing real protection of women from assaults and sexual abuse.

    • I will work with the Police and Crime Commissioner, senior police officers, council and TOR2 enforcement officers, and with our Bay communities, to deliver truly tactical policing and enforcement, including zero tolerance periods for crimes and anti-social behaviours.

    • I will make clear public announcements about progress in combating crime and anti-social behaviour. For example, so-called legal highs outlets are not welcome in our Bay, and I have campaigned against them for years. They may be legal but we do not want them here. I will continue make life uncomfortable for them, with an objective of clearing our Bay of all of them.

    • I will ensure the right levels of financial support and emphasis on early interventions to achieve rapid but safe reductions in the numbers of children taken into care.

    • I will follow up the work of the Torbay Child Poverty Commission by making progress on its recommendations and performance requirements across all areas of the council’s work.

    • I will improve the council’s record of involving young people in the workings of the council by increasing the number of young apprenticeships, and encouraging young people to attend and take part in meetings, including cabinet and Overview & Scrutiny.

    • I will take part in debates with young people in each of our three towns.

    • I will personally direct an overhaul of the annual contract with the South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust in 2015 to improve value for money.

    • I will establish a project to generate funding/sponsorship for re-opening of day centres across our Bay.

    • I will work with voluntary organisations to maximise their effectiveness and satisfaction in the way that they deliver support for the elderly.

    • I will carry out a review of prescribed drug taking in the Bay with the objective of helping those who are suffering.

    • I will cut the Bay’s own drug support programme and health bills by drastically reducing the availability of methadone and drug replacement treatments, while improving support for addicts looking for programmes to help them to abstain.

    • I will work with licensees and the police to establish a scheme for identifying premises selling drink to people who are already drunk. Some establishments have already introduced the breathalyser system; others need to be encouraged to go the same way.

    • I will work with premises managers and the authorities to discuss the best way to approach the fact that drug-taking, too, not just alcohol, is an issue, especially in the night-time economy. I am horrified at the numbers of people I see who are, for example, driving under the influence of drugs, something that is easily discernible at traffic lights.

    • I will also campaign for better inclusion for those who have disabilities. For example, we currently have shockingly low numbers of licensed taxis equipped to deal with disabled and differently-abled passengers: I will aim to at least double this figure.

    • I will personally invite industry and business leaders from across the UK and overseas to our Bay to see for themselves what we have to offer.

    • I will establish new performance targets for the Torbay Development Agency, whereby funding they receive from the public purse will be based on the actual value and actual numbers of new jobs created for local residents.

    • I will hold a series of mayoral events for industry missions, to visit the Bay from around the country and from abroad.

    • I will lead lobbying events to parliament to brief MPs on the unique opportunities for business in our Bay.

    • I will establish a programme to train, and re-train, local residents so that they are able to play a fuller part in the local economy and provide an incentive for more employers to move here.

    • I support the payment of the Living Wage to workers in Torbay.

    • I will work with the Riviera International Conference Centre Board with the aim that, within my four-year term, the centre becomes a successful, subsidy free and financially self-sufficient business.

    • I will work to establish a formal accord between the ERTC, the TTA, other representative tourism organisations, tourism businesses and other sectors to maximise the benefits they bring to the Bay’s tourism industry.

    • I will provide a strong and consistent leadership and guidance to council officers. They will know where we are heading and why.

    • I will improve town hall morale by providing clear ideas and clear objectives – something that has been missing for the past four years. I intend to have an open door policy, and to be approachable by all staff. Communications with all staff will be improved, which will mean that they will, in turn, be better placed to communicate with others.

    • I will be available and working for the vast majority of my time. I will call on the council’s Civic Committee to overhaul the roles of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council, and the ward councillors, with a view to enabling greater civic support from all elected members for the events and projects of the Bay’s voluntary and charitable sector.

    • I will establish a voluntary sector advisory panel to help our residents and visitor services team to identify priority needs in our three towns.

    • I will host an annual pre-summer season garden party, at different locations throughout the Bay, to celebrate the work done by volunteer organisations, funded through sponsorship. I would see that these events also benefit and highlight some of our amazing assets in the Bay and the work being done on them by the local community, for example at Lupton House in Brixham.

    • I will deliver a compulsory registration scheme for letting agents requiring them to deal fairly and openly with tenants and landlords alike. In establishing this scheme, I will call upon expertise from Shelter and other local authorities who have already implemented such registration schemes.

    • Following on from a scheme for letting agents, I will deliver a similar scheme for landlords – both social and private - based on housing standards legislation and sample inspections of properties. Again, I will call upon outside expertise to aid this project. Neither of these schemes will cost the council taxpayer anything at all, as a modest registration fee would ensure the schemes cover their own costs.

    • I am determined to protect our green spaces.

    • I’ll put it on record here: I am against the development of Cary Green.

    • It is important that we put the needs and wishes of residents at the forefront of our plans, not taking account of just the requirements of developers. We need development and progress in our three towns, but it must be on our terms, and must meet our needs.

    • Traffic and parking is one of the most contentious issues here in the Bay and very little has been done, to date, to get a real grip on this subject that at least takes into account the views of residents and businesses, even if it cannot meet each and every one of their requirements. I would lead an honest, thorough and open appraisal across the whole subject, including traffic management, park and ride, and public transport provision.

    • I am also committed to the protection of iconic and well-loved local heritage, whether it is spaces or buildings and structures. For example, the D-Day Slipways at Torquay Harbour: I would help seek ways to fund their restoration.

    • Last year, mayor Oliver refused to hand over £37,000 in council tax benefit support grant given by the Government to Torbay Council to forward to Brixham Town Council. The direct consequence of this was an increase in tax for hard-pressed Brixham residents. This was unfair. I would return that money were I elected on 7 May, as a clear gesture to Brixham that the town would be dealt with fairly and equitably by a UKIP mayor.

    • Similarly, in Ellacombe in Torquay, back in 2012, mayor Oliver agreed to £27,500 raised by and allocated for Ellacombe and planned for use in redeveloping the pavilion in Ellacombe Park for use by our children and young people, to be taken away and used to help pay for a construction cost-overrun on Parkfield in Paignton. Just as in the Brixham case, funds were diverted from the least well-off in the Bay. I promise that, as a UKIP mayor, I would return this money, too.

    • Torbay Council has now maintained a zero increase in council tax for four years (any increases in that time have come from the police and the fire authority precepts), a policy which has been in part offset by consequent increases in our Government grant. As your mayor, I would battle hard on your behalf to continue this policy.



Julien Parrott, UKIP

Councillor for Ellacombe Ward, 2007 to date
Executive Lead for Adults and Children
Torbay Borough Council Unitary Authority

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11 November 2017

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I realise that I keep apologising for not maintaining this website! I really hope that I will be able to do something with it in the near future, but I know that my fellow Ellacombe residents understand that my priority is with my ward work and with my work for children and adults across the Bay as Executive Lead councillor.

In the meantime, an update for my fellow Ellacombe residents: please note that my contact details have changed. If you want to discuss a local issue with me, please see below for my new contact arrangements.

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